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Springs Global announces the contracting of financing for its subsidiary AMMO Varejo

São Paulo, May 30,2022 – A Springs Global Participações S.A. (Springs Global, B3: SGPS3) announces that its indirect subsidiary AMMO Varejo S.A. (“AMMO Varejo”) has signed contract of financing with Odernes Fundo de Investimento em Participações Multiestratégia, through the private issuance of debentures convertible into shares of AMMO Varejo, totaling up to R$ 300 million, with a 5-year term, with payment of principal and interest in a single installment upon maturity of the debentures or in advance, such as in the case of an initial public offering of shares of AMMO Varejo.

The resources obtained through this financing will be used to the development of AMMO Varejo’s activities and investments and the increase of its working capital.

This financing aims to enable AMMO Varejo’s growth plan, through (i) expansion of the product portfolio in the home-wellness segment, (ii) growth of distribution channels and geographic expansion, and (iii) offering of sleep products and services.