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Social Responsability

We are committed to working with the highest ethical standards in a manner as to offer quality of life to our employees. We also seek to extend these values ​​to the families of our employees, their communities and the society as a whole. In Brazil, we sponsor several social initiatives — and encourage our employees to actively engage in them — with the goal of improving people‘s lives. We also seek to disseminate our values and beliefs throughout the communities in which we operate outside of Brazil in hopes that such initiatives can be as relevant and beneficial to these communities as they has been in Brazil.

We seek to develop a constructive relationship with the communities where we operate, in order to promote the development and improvement of quality of life, caring for the environment, respecting social rights and consumers in general. Furthermore, we aim at contributing to the continuous improvement of the quality of the education offered to young students, as well as providing childcare, all in the pursuit of building a more harmonious and balanced world.

Among the social activities we engage in Brazil include:

  • Maintenance, since 1997, of the “Educational Center Coteminas” located in Montes Claros (MG). This initiative currently serves 660 students between the ages of 4 and 14, going from kindergarten through elementary school I and II. Besides offering formal education to these students through a education program conducted by teachers with higher education, students of the Educational Center Coteminas also receive full medical and dental assistance, transportation, food and uniforms;
  • Maintenance of various establishments specialized in providing basic education for children of our employees;
  • Education and preparation of disadvantaged young men and women through special training conducted at our factories, teaching them the values ​​of citizenship and providing guidance for their professional development;
  • Organization of “Solidarity Bazaars”, organized sales of our products during one or two days where part of the revenues is directed to institutions dedicated to the support of children with cancer or some kind of special need. Annually, we organize more than 80 “Solidarity Bazaars” throughout Brazil;
  • In-house or outside training to our employees;
  • Subsidized funding for the acquisition of school supplies and books to the children of our employees;
  • Provision of basic groceries and meals at our factories and plants at low cost;
  • Medical and dental assistance, with lines of credit for the acquisition of medicine;
  • Profit sharing available to all employees, depending on individual performance, and
  • Support the practice of sports in general, including through the construction of multi-sport courts in our manufacturing facilities and the sponsorship of events organized in the communities where we operate.