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Our Brands

Our brands represent an important competitive advantage. Spring’s brands are all traditional and leaders in the segments in which they compete. Our brands and products are strategically positioned to target customers of different socioeconomic profiles, while reducing the risk of overlap and competition between them. The brands are:


Own brands

Premium brand of bedding and bath textile products aimed at consumers who seek the highest standard of quality. It is a reference brand in the high-end luxury market, with presence and tradition since 1930.
Desired brand in the bedding, tabletop and bath category. It is synonymous with quality, sophisticated and contemporary products, representing a major brand in the domestic bedding, tabletop and bath market.
Quality products under the concept of affordable luxury, updated with the latest fashion trends. Each collection includes textures, shapes and unique colors, all integrated in four different Home Life Styles: Actual, Relax, Trend, and Elegance.
Licensed brand
Traditional brand of bedding, tabletop and bath products and bedding accessories, which has a perpetual license with Santista Têxtil Ltda for the bed, table, bath, pillows and curtains segments. It features contemporary styles and designs, and focuses on different tastes and trends, with significant penetration in the “budget consumer” and institutional markets.



Brand for quality products under the concept of affordable luxury. Products are updated with the latest fashion trends. Market leading brand with over 30 years of presence in the Argentinean market.
Brand offering traditional design and style, focusing on different tastes and trends, and with major market penetration.
Bedding and bath textile products for clients in the budget market segment.