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Mission, vision and values

Mission Statement

Innovate to deliver experiences that enchant and promote well-being. Our definition of well-being implies: 1. State of full satisfaction of the requirements of the body and/or spirit; 2. Feeling of security, comfort and tranquility; 3. Being impacted by beauty, quality and enchantment of our products and communication channels.


To be the Americas’ largest, best and most digital vertical company in the Home & Decoration market.

Corporate Values

Set of behaviors and attitudes that determine the “personality” of an organization. Our values reflect our culture.

We put people first.

We listen, understand and explain carefully. We respect everyone‘s opinions and are open to listening to them. Nothing is more important than humanized service, eye to eye.

Commitment to the customer.

The customer is the primary reason for everything we do. Our goal is to delight them by always offering the best products, excellent services and an experience that exceeds expectations. We work with them and for them. We are empathetic and tireless in the mission of making them passionate about our brands.

We think like the owner, we are engaged.

We are present in our operations, we lead by example and we work hard. We live for the company and not by the company. We exercise leadership by inspiring our peers, customers and society.

We are simple and discreet.

We seek simplicity in our relationships and processes. We are austere in the use of our resources. We avoid any kind of waste. We act discreetly internally and externally to the company. We recognize that the most important virtue is humility.

We innovate, challenge and anticipate changes.

We know that nothing is permanent, except change. We cultivate an entrepreneurial streak and create innovative and bold initiatives. We use test and experimentation methodologies to break with the old and make room for the new. We are agile in everything we do, from planning to delivery of solutions and communication.

Ethics are non-negotiable.

We do what is right. Our actions and relationships are based on truth, integrity, honesty, transparency, justice and the collective good. We understand that asustainable performance guarantees the socioeconomic and environmental balance.

We are determined about results.

We are restless and tireless in the search for better results. We do nothing that cannot be measured. We deliver what is promised and allocate efforts to what brings return. We are inquisitive and we value in-depth knowledge: in our company, there is no room for guesswork. We believe that the true picture of any corporation is its financial statements.